Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary. –Warren G. Bennis

Philippine Science High School-Central Luzon Campus strives to establish an academically excellent and service-oriented school environment. This newly established PSHS campus opens its doors to the gifted youth of the region. The school has started to instill on these young and gifted students the ideals of the Department of Science and Technology and the PSHS System.

Although the school is still experiencing its birthpains, the seventeen pioneering faculty and staff members have committed themselves to selfless service not only to the constituents of the school but also to the larger community. Spearheaded by its OIC-Campus Director, the faculty and staff members continue to provide opportunities for the students to showcase their various talents and skills.

The sixty-five pioneering scholars have exemplified the school’s values through their hard work and industry. They effectively work as teams in accomplishing their academic and extra-curricular endeavors. 

The PSHS-CLC community envisions a bright future for its members. With assistance from benefactors, PSHS-CLC hopes to be in its permanent home where the members can build learning facilities for the students. Furthermore, the school hopes to invite more talented mentors who will encourage the gifted students to reach for their stars. 

This annual report showcases the accomplishments that members of the PSHS-CLC have achieved so far. This also bears the aspirations of the constituents to push the mediocrity to excellence and to make the BEST even become BETTER.Picture25


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