“Silence cannot contain me, and I cannot contain myself in silence.”

It has been a day– a day has passed after I decided not to use my Facebook Account because of certain matters that I cannot disclose as of this moment.

Nonetheless, my personality dictates that it is not ‘me’ when I keep myself in silence. I came to realize, and I came to reaffirm myself that ‘Silence cannot contain me, and I cannot contain myself in silence’.

Facebook has been an avenue for me to break the ‘serenity’ of my being. Facebook has given me the opportunity to speak my mind, to express myself (my anger, my joy, and my ‘all other concerns’) . However, though this network has provided me an opportunity to speak my mind and to express myself, these things that were expressed in the network do not define my whole being. There are matters that I kept for myself–I have kept ‘bits of me’ (my sense of self-confidentiality) to myself and to people whom I consider worth disclosing these ‘bits of me’.

Few days ago, I decided that I will not be connecting with Facebook because I needed self-renovation. I need to do this because I realized that I had been spending a lot of my time committing myself to the network– addiction. Moreover, I just wanted to turn myself away from issues that I think I could not involve myself with.

My decision made me sick because I find myself contained in the world of silence–How will I speak my mind? How will I express what I feel?

Because of these, I finally decided to write a blog— at least, through this, I would be able to ease this urge of me needing to say something about anything— because I really needed to break my silence—– whoah!


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