Few months ago, I was asked by my director to write an introductory speech about the DOST Secretary. Just what I did when I was asked to write the same about Dr. Biyo, I wrote a poem. 

*Words used in the poem are technical because of the secretary’s background—



Our next speaker is a soft spoken person who traces his roots from Tacloban

He claims to be a product of his parents—a simple man and a simple woman

At the age of ten, his family migrated to Manila for important reasons

And there he lived his life including his education.

He is a believer that Filipinos are world class

He firmly upholds that every citizen can contribute to the country a lot

He is an advocate of Science and Technology

He puts his trust that innovations contribute to the betterment of the society

Finishing his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in the University of the Philippines in 1975

His incredible intellectual capacity, it cannot be denied

He emerged as one of the topnotchers in the Mechanical Engineering Board Exam

Two thumbs up and a warm round of applause let us give to this man

In a span of twenty-two years, this guy keeps a list of inventions under his name

Some of them are the transferable steel car parks, robotic car park, and ship-to-shore cranes

Still under his name are the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)-based water level sensor and rain gauge for flood monitoring and forecasting

The world’s first aero-musical ride, the world’s first motorized zipline are still worth mentioning

The first locally-fabricated equipment for hot steel galvanization is a product of his mind

Equipment for manufacturing of steel poles, gabions, and water-well screens is another thing he designed

The first locally-fabricated drilling equipment with rotary table is one of his inventions

He is really a great man, a pride of our nation

UP College of Engineering has named him one of the 100 outstanding alumni engineers in the century

Outstanding alumni for professional achievement was awarded to him by the UP Tao-Alpha fraternity

Gold Medal Award for creative research by the Filipino Inventor’s Society was given to him in 1989

A real inventor he is—an inspiration to achieve in life

His passion to serve made him decide to accept a post in the government

President Aquino appointed him a secretary of his cabinet

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with pride and honor that I present

Our very own DOST secretary, Engr. Mario G. Montejo a man who was born to invent.

A warm round of applause for him.

* I read this in his (Secretary Montejo)  presence when he visited Clark for the MOA signing between Clark Development Corporation (CDC) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST). 


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  1. Janice Dines says:

    nice..nice…cno ngay kanana cna…

  2. NOELLEN says:

    haha,, if I will do an introduction, I will chant in in mother tongue,,,

  3. NOELLEN says:

    or I will sing it in the tune of Bahay Kubo,.. hehe

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