Life is never about proving to people that you are a good person. Sometimes, the BAD THINGS matter.

For in your dark side, you see people who are ready to light the road with you. It is not how many your friends are, or how people roam around you, but it’s how few of them accept your being you.

For in your nothingness, people TRUE to you find reasons to Love you still.

*Appreciation is given to those people who accept me as being me.

*For people who have an awareness of my ‘dark secrets’— (Do I have?:)  )— I sincerely offer my  warmest gratitude for still keeping and maintaining that ‘respect’ and ‘love’ even though you are fully aware that I am a no-unblemished creation–ahuh—


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7 Responses to BAD THINGS MATTER?

  1. idogiveanf says:

    ang moment ng lola!

  2. liz says:

    True, the people who loves you and appreciate you are the people who knows you very well as a person:)

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