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ROME — A religious sister singing a Bon Jovi mega-hit with a British boy band for backup?

“Never say never,” Ursuline Sister Cristina Scuccia told her audience last night before she was swept into the semifinals by popular vote.

The 25-year-old sister from Sicily is now one of the eight contestants left on the Italian version of the TV talent show The Voice vying for the final win.

jax happy Screengrab of Italian rapper, J-Ax — Sr. Cristina’s coach on The Voice of Italy.

Her coach, Italian rap-star J-Ax (who’s been choosing Sister Cristina’s repertoire since her Blind Audition debut) said he’s really sorry he’s turned her into his personal “jukebox,” making her sing his favorites from his “sulky adolescence.”

He said he’s been pushing her “to go to the next level” and conquer every genre: blues, pop, Italian ballads and now big-hair 1980s rock&roll.

hug Screengrab of Sr. Cristina with…

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“I thank my God
Each time I think of you
And when I pray for you
I pray with joy”

I thank God for the gift of a big happy family

A family that giggles
A family that wanders
A family that laughs
A family that bluffs
A family that grumbles
A family that hurdles 
A family that sings
A family that clings
A family that bonds
A family that stands
A family that screams
A family that dreams
A family that pushes
A family that wishes
A family that inspires
A family that aspires
A family that bears
A family that cares
A family that eats
A family that greets
A family that dances
A family that praises
A family that plays
A family that prays
A family that stays


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Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary. –Warren G. Bennis

Philippine Science High School-Central Luzon Campus strives to establish an academically excellent and service-oriented school environment. This newly established PSHS campus opens its doors to the gifted youth of the region. The school has started to instill on these young and gifted students the ideals of the Department of Science and Technology and the PSHS System.

Although the school is still experiencing its birthpains, the seventeen pioneering faculty and staff members have committed themselves to selfless service not only to the constituents of the school but also to the larger community. Spearheaded by its OIC-Campus Director, the faculty and staff members continue to provide opportunities for the students to showcase their various talents and skills.

The sixty-five pioneering scholars have exemplified the school’s values through their hard work and industry. They effectively work as teams in accomplishing their academic and extra-curricular endeavors. 

The PSHS-CLC community envisions a bright future for its members. With assistance from benefactors, PSHS-CLC hopes to be in its permanent home where the members can build learning facilities for the students. Furthermore, the school hopes to invite more talented mentors who will encourage the gifted students to reach for their stars. 

This annual report showcases the accomplishments that members of the PSHS-CLC have achieved so far. This also bears the aspirations of the constituents to push the mediocrity to excellence and to make the BEST even become BETTER.Picture25

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On Women’s Month




My feminist ideals are made stronger every time my ideal man– next to God– affirms and confirms that I am a woman of strength! 


To the man whom we gather our strong will,

Thank you for letting us feel that we, females are your equals. I know so well that at times, it is difficult for you to take care of us, your daughters— because our physical strength is our weakness. Nonetheless, you always make us realize that girls as we are, we can be independent, we can make our own decisions, and we are important members of the family.


Cheers to you, to mama, and to my sisters!

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Sept. 2012— the last time I blogged…When na ulit… 🙂

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“Silence cannot contain me, and I cannot contain myself in silence.”

It has been a day– a day has passed after I decided not to use my Facebook Account because of certain matters that I cannot disclose as of this moment.

Nonetheless, my personality dictates that it is not ‘me’ when I keep myself in silence. I came to realize, and I came to reaffirm myself that ‘Silence cannot contain me, and I cannot contain myself in silence’.

Facebook has been an avenue for me to break the ‘serenity’ of my being. Facebook has given me the opportunity to speak my mind, to express myself (my anger, my joy, and my ‘all other concerns’) . However, though this network has provided me an opportunity to speak my mind and to express myself, these things that were expressed in the network do not define my whole being. There are matters that I kept for myself–I have kept ‘bits of me’ (my sense of self-confidentiality) to myself and to people whom I consider worth disclosing these ‘bits of me’.

Few days ago, I decided that I will not be connecting with Facebook because I needed self-renovation. I need to do this because I realized that I had been spending a lot of my time committing myself to the network– addiction. Moreover, I just wanted to turn myself away from issues that I think I could not involve myself with.

My decision made me sick because I find myself contained in the world of silence–How will I speak my mind? How will I express what I feel?

Because of these, I finally decided to write a blog— at least, through this, I would be able to ease this urge of me needing to say something about anything— because I really needed to break my silence—– whoah!

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I just had to write this when I was asked to introduce her during the PSHS-CLC’s 2011 Foundation Day Celebration.

This photo was taken in 2010. Dr. Biyo was not the PSHSS Executive Director then. She was the Campus Director of the PSHS-WVC.



From the charming and rustic town of Jaro, Iloilo

Resides this wonderful woman, a true-blue Ilonggo

Aiding her townmates and countrymen to live a good life

So that none of them would be on total strife

Described to be the Einstein and Curie of the Asia and the Philippines

Her passion in scientific research led her to places she had been

From her humble beginnings until she became great

It was her family and God that inspired her to her fate

Finishing her BS Biology course, she did not just stop

To search for wisdom, she is still doing a lot

She continued her studies until she became doctor of Philosophy

But until now she is serving her hometown and our country

Hailed as an outstanding teacher of the country by the Metrobank Foundation

One of the Outstanding Young Filipinos by the Philippine Jaycees in 1998 she was known

A Presidential Lingkod Bayan Awardee by Civil Service Commission in 2007

And one of the 50 Great Men and Women of Science by DOST in 2008 even

Conquering the Intel Excellence in Teaching in 2002 is her most popular feat

Four thousand Science and Math teachers from different parts of the globe she was able to beat

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has this woman’s name given to a planet

And I know this is everybody’s dream, a dream everyone wishes to get

Among the billions of people living in this world of ours

This wonderful woman’s name is really written on the stars

Despite her great achievements she keeps her feet on the ground

And as a proof, we have her with us around

Let us give a round of applause to welcome her today

Let us offer our sweetest smiles and these we should not delay

It is then with much pride and honor that I present

DR. JOSETTE TALAMERA-BIYO, a name we would never forget.



PSHS-CLC 3rd Foundation Anniversary 



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